4 Reasons to Get an OEM Mopar Replacement Door Handle

When it comes to shopping for a replacement door handle, quality is everything. You use your door handles all the time. Without door handles, you can’t enter or exit your car.

You may have noticed that there are OEM and aftermarket door handles to choose from. Which option is better?

OEM is clearly the better option. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. OEM Door Handles are Designed Just For Your Car

Dodge handle

Image Credit: Broncocarl92

OEM door handles are built to OEM specs. That means when you get the right part number, you’re getting an OEM handle that will fit your Mopar model perfectly and function well with it.

You can’t say the same about aftermarket door handles. It’s common for the internal components of an aftermarket door handle to have a universal design. That means may not fit your door well and the components within it won’t “sync up” with your door. That may lead to issues down the road, unless you successfully modify something within your car door, which is something we absolutely do not recommend.

2. Aftermarket Door Handles are Commonly Built With Low-Quality Materials

OEM door handles are built with durable high-quality materials that will withstand very frequent use. Pair that with the fact that OEM door handles are designed specifically to fit your Mopar vehicle, and you’ve got a door handle that will last a long time.

You would be hard pressed to find an aftermarket door handle that’s built with quality materials. Aftermarket manufacturers are able to offer low prices for their door handles because they use subpar quality materials. This makes aftermarket door handles more likely to fail early as a result of quality and fitment issues. If you find yourself in such a situation, you’d need to pay for a whole new door handle because aftermarket door handles aren’t usually covered by a warranty. This brings us to our next point….

3. OEM Door Handles are Backed by a Warranty

All genuine OEM Mopar parts are backed by the Mopar Parts & Accessories Warranty. In the rare occurrence that your OEM door handle fails within a certain period of time, it will be replaced for free. Aftermarket parts, including door handles, typically aren’t backed by any sort of warranty.

4. OEM Door Handles are Much Easier to Find

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Shopping for an aftermarket replacement part involves a lot of research. You’d have to research the brand, fitment, quality, prices, and other factors. That can take hours. Even if you find an aftermarket door handle that fits all of your criteria, there’s still no guarantee that the door handle is a good buy.

It literally takes only a few minutes to find the right part number for an OEM door handle that fits your Mopar model. Look up your Mopar model in our catalog to pull up a list of all the door handle parts that are designed just for your car.

If you’ve decided to get an OEM replacement door handle, we invite you to contact us for assistance finding the right door handle or component for your car.