Your Ram 1500's Body Parts

Everyday wear and tear can take a toll on the interior and exterior of your Ram 1500, and when you live in a place that gets 100 inches of snow annually, it doesn't take long for road salt to start eating into the body panels. Whether you're here in Upstate New York or in sunny, snow-free Florida, there's a good chance you'll need to replace a few body parts on your pickup during its life, even if you never get in an accident.

Which Parts are Body Parts?

Body parts include pretty much everything that isn't part of the powertrain or drivetrain. Broadly speaking, that includes body panels, glass, seals, grilles, frame components, and virtually everything inside the cab from the dashboard to the headliner. While Ram organizes these parts fairly logically, there are a few items that may not be in the most obvious place. Here's what you'll find in their official categories, and where to find related parts:

Cluster & Switches

This includes the gauge cluster and all the switches on the dashboard including the ignition, HVAC controls, shifter and headlight switch.

Structural Components & Rails

Here's where you'll find the supports for the front fenders.

Storage Compartment

Have a Rambox built into your bed? You can find parts for it here. Need parts for the glove box? It has its own category.

Reveal Moldings

These are the molding pieces that surround the windshield and keep it in place. You can also find rear view mirrors here.

Lock & Hardware

Almost everything related to the door latches are here, including locks, door handles and actuators. If you need lock switches, they can be found in the interior door trim categories.

Master Cylinder

It may be a central part of the brake system, but since it bolts directly to the firewall, it's included with the body parts.

Back Panel

These are the sheet metal components that make up the back of the cab below the rear windows.

Box Assembly

This includes both the truck bed and the bed liners that were available from the factory.

Running Board

Technically, these are Mopar accessories, but since they were available as a factory-installed option, they're listed here.


These components include all the sheet metal pieces between the hood and windshield, as well as the grille that covers them.


The “Doors & Components” category includes door shells, seals and other door components outside of the cab. Exterior trim pieces have their own category, while interior door trim panel, handles, window switches and other components on the inside of the door can be found in “Interior Trim – Front Door” or “Interior Trim – Rear Door.”

Front Seat Components

Here you'll find parts for the front seats as well as the center console.


The Ram's door jambs and sills are constructed as a single component called a “uniside.” This section includes this component as well as the surrounding sheet metal, hinges and trim pieces.

Sound System

It may be electrical, but most of the parts that make up the audio system can be found here, including the head unit, amp, speakers and speaker boxes. The microphone for hands free phone calling attaches to the windshield and can be found in “Reveal Moldings.”

What Do I Need to Know to Find the Right Part?

Our site lets you search for parts based on your truck's VIN, which contains more information than your model. The VIN can be found on a small plate on the front left side of your 1500's dashboard. It's easiest to view by looking down through the corner of the windshield. There's also a sticker on the driver's door jamb that has the VIN printed on the top line. Unfortunately, the VIN doesn't contain information on every option on your vehicle, and that can make a difference when trying to find the right replacement for components with multiple configurations. Each entry in our database includes information that should help you identify which part will work, including vehicle trims, equipment and appearance. This can be anything from the color of the running boards to the number of displays on the gauge cluster. Still not sure what you need? We have a staff of experienced, factory-trained parts people who can walk you through identifying the right replacement part.

What's the Difference between a Ram and a Dodge Ram?

FCA moved Dodge's trucks to their own separate division, Ram Trucks, in 2010. The VIN still identifies these trucks as Dodges.

How Do I Remove These Odd-shapes Screws?

Chrysler uses Torx and 5 point security screws and bolts in a lot of their products, and the Ram 1500 is no exception. The Torx screws look like a regular Torx head, except they have a small stud in the center. Bits and screwdrivers for these bolts are readily available at most tool and hardware stores. Most screws use a #30 bit, but you'll find a few other sizes used on these trucks. 5 point star tools are harder to find, but they're becoming more common as this head design is adopted by automakers and specialty equipment manufacturers. Like the Torx bits, these tamper proof bolts and screws have a stud in the center. The upside to this is that they are far less likely to strip than a regular hex head bolt, even if they get rusty, and since the bit has to fit over the center stud, you can't use the wrong bit and strip the head.

Where Can I Get Quality Replacement Body Parts for My Ram 1500 Truck?

From Special Service chassis to loaded Quad Cab Long Horn Edition trucks, if it's a Ram, you can get everything you need for it at We only carry OEM Mopar parts, which are made by FCA specifically for your vehicle with the same design, quality and appearance as the parts used to build your truck. How much better are they than aftermarket parts? If you have work done at a body shop, new OEM parts will always be their first choice, followed by salvaged factory parts. Third party manufacturers simply can't shape sheet metal as accurately, which makes it hard to get them to fit correctly with the right panel gap. Our site give you the option of searching by your truck model, the VIN, part numbers and keywords like “fender.” If you can't find what you need or you're not sure which part is right for your vehicle, contact us to talk to our team of parts professionals.