10 Stunning Photos of This Rare 1949 DeSoto Custom

Sometimes we spend our free time checking out beautifully restored classic cars on eBay. However, never in our wildest dreams did we think we would come across a rare DeSoto in such a pristine condition.

Feast your eyes on this work of art:

This is a 1949 DeSoto Custom, which is the only convertible DeSoto offered that year. Only 3,385 units of this model were produced. As avid DeSoto fans, we were so convinced that every last unit of this model ended up in junkyards.

Desoto 1

Imagine our surprise when we saw this fully restored ’49 Custom listed on eBay (which has been since sold for just under $30K – what a great deal!) We’re still picking ourselves off of the floor, actually.

The State-of-the-Art Body

Desoto 2

Desoto rear

Desoto grille

This convertible would drop jaws not only in 1949, but also today. Even the average person who doesn’t care much about cars would still marvel over the wonderfully restored body, brand new whitewall tires, eye-catching fender skirts, and impeccably polished chrome trim. It’s as if you traveled back to 1949 and saw this car roll right off the factory line!

The Flawless Interior

Desoto dash

Desoto seat

The eBay listing didn’t specify who restored this car, but the person who did it made sure to stay true to the original interior design. The dash has a few subtle custom upgrades, such as stainless steel knobs and chrome trim, but they still sport the same design as their original counterparts.

Desoto steering

The steering wheel, seats (although reupholstered), handles, pedals, and everything else remain true to the original design. We’re pretty impressed, to say the least.

The Pristine Engine Compartment

Have you ever looked at a restored classic car in mint condition and felt the desire to leave it be because a trip around the block would ruin its perfect condition? That’s exactly how we feel when we look at this masterpiece. The engine compartment alone is something to write home about.

Desoto engine

It appears that the restorer kept most - if not all - of the original parts (and somehow enlisted black magic to make them look brand new). According to the eBay listing, this DeSoto “runs and drives wonderfully”. It’s equipped with a:

  • Fluid Drive semi-automatic transmission with hydraulic shifting
  • Inline six-cylinder engine

Desoto top

Desoto trunk

We consider this 1949 DeSoto Custom the holy grail of DeSoto vehicles. Any classic car collector would be lucky to have this rare work of art in their garage. We hope the new owner gives this beaut the love and care it deserves.