Mopar Seat Belt Assemblies: OEM or Aftermarket?

When it comes to buying a seat belt assembly, the first choice can be the hardest: OEM or aftermarket? Both types offer great features, but there are some key differences that put OEM seat belt assemblies above aftermarket ones.

Let’s take a closer look at the four most important factors to consider while shopping for seat belt assemblies:

1. Quality & Safety

OEM belt

When you go the OEM route, you know exactly what you’re getting – OEM quality, which is exceptionally good. OEM seat belts are very high quality as the OEM knows that they have a lot to lose if the belt fails and they get sued. Aftermarket seat belt assemblies, on the other hand, vary wildly in quality. It's very hard to know exactly who made the belt. As the belts are made overseas by a company with no real presence in the US, they don't worry about getting sued. So they don't worry much about quality.

2. Warranty

OEM seat belt assemblies are always covered by one of Mopar’s Parts & Accessories Limited Warranty policies. Many aftermarket manufacturers sell their seat belt assemblies without a warranty in order to keep costs down.

3. Fitment

Belt kit

To ensure optimal safety and reliability in the event of a crash, you want a seat belt assembly designed specifically for your Mopar model. Therefore you can’t go wrong with OEM. There are some aftermarket seat belt assemblies designed just for Mopar models. But there’s no good way to verify how well they’re going to perform in your car. You just have to cross your fingers and hope that they’ll adequately protect you in an accident.

4. Cost

If you end up with a defective aftermarket seat belt assembly that isn’t covered under warranty, you’ll have no choice but to buy a new one. That’s why, despite their slightly high selling prices*, OEM seat belt assemblies are usually the cheaper solution in the long run.

*OEM seat belt assemblies don’t necessarily have to be expensive, though. We’d like to recommend the OEM Mopar seat belt assemblies we sell on our site. They’re not only the real deal, but they’re also available at wholesale prices. Win-win.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, OEM seat belt assemblies come out on top when it comes to quality, safety, warranty, fitment, and cost.