Important Brake Parts You Should Know

When you hear people speaking of the Ram 1500, you are likely to hear that it offers a smooth ride, it is upscale yet sturdy, and that it has a high-tech infotainment system. You may likely hear too that it gets the heavy lifting done with its powerful V8. It has a lot of new features to talk about, like Uconnect entertainment and a large touchscreen, anti-spin differential, LED lighting, and a host of other amenities. In other words, people enjoy what the Ram 1500 has to offer.

At MoPartsOnSale we help Ram 1500 owners purchase replacement parts and accessories that can take their ride to its next level of enjoyment. The Ram 1500 comes stocked, but like anything mechanical, parts eventually wear down and need replacing. People buy the Ram 1500 for many reasons and safety is at the top of the list.

Dodge stands behind its commitment to safety. Dodge builds the Ram 1500 with a high-strength steel frame that can withstand 50,000 psi., which allows it to handle the heaviest of loads. It also has eight ultra-tough crossmembers for additional safety. Safety features include side curtain airbags, side-impact door beams, electronic stability control, and dynamic front crumple zones. Hopefully, with its four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, accidents will never occur.

How Brakes Work

In a disc brake system, brake pads squeeze a rotor to stop the vehicle. The system transmits power hydraulically. The “stopping” friction between the pad and rotor creates heat that vents. Vented disc brakes have a set of vanes that pump air through the discs to provide needed cooling. It is a most effective system, but things can go wrong. If disc brakes cool too quickly, as in driving through water, the rotors may become warped. Warped rotors will cause the steering wheel to shake. Then it becomes necessary to take the vehicle in for brake repairs.

Brake Rotor

The rotor is at the center of the entire braking system. The rotor attaches to the axle and rotates with the wheels. Drivers applying the brakes put hydraulic pressure into motion. The brake pads straddling the rotor tighten with an enormous amount of pressure. Worn brake rotors will squeal and screech. They may also cause the wheel to violently vibrate. Expert mechanics can resurface the rotor without much difficulty.

Brake Calipers

Calipers are an integral part of the brake system. Pressing the brake fluid causes fluid to flow from the master cylinder to the caliper. Applying brake pressure affects the system inside the caliper. Cars will generally have two or four calipers.

A seal protects the calipers from dust and dirt. Otherwise, the piston will not be able to completely release, and brake pads would remain in constant contact with the rotor. As it stands, the pads touch and release at an amazingly rapid speed to prevent the vehicle from skidding out of control when brakes are applied. If you apply the brakes and they feel spongy, take the vehicle in for inspection.

Brake Pads

Manufacturers design brake pads to create friction that eventually stops the vehicle. Each pad has a lining that creates friction. The pad contains ceramics and semi-metallic compounds that create the maximum amount of pressure. Brakes will wear and tear according to an individual’s driving habits. Inner city driving can also be difficult on brakes. Any signs of squealing, pulsating, or dragging means your brakes are not in optimal working condition. Take them in for an inspection. Your brakes are one of the vehicle’s most important safety features.


Anti-lock brake systems are popular in today’s vehicles. They prevent skidding during hard emergency braking. Without ABS, a vehicle’s wheels would lock and the driver would lose control of their skid or turn. The ABS system utilizes speed censors that relay information to an ABS computer somewhere in the vehicle. When a wheel stops spinning, the ABS system pumps hydraulic pressure to a wheel, or wheels, to release them.

The system then reapplies the brakes. When ABS brakes go bad, mechanics will check the sensors. The ABS light also illuminates to warn a driver there is a potential problem. Technicians have the experience and knowledge to quickly locate and repair the problem.

Brake Master Cylinder

Master cylinders are present whether the vehicle has a drum or a disc brake system. The master cylinder is located in the firewall on the driver’s side. It converts pedal pressure into brake pressure. If the master cylinder springs a leak, the brakes become ineffective. Inspect your breaks at least twice a year even if they seem to work properly. A safe vehicle instills confidence. It often inspires Ram 1500 owners to hit the road searching for their next outing adventure.

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Your Ram 1500 can provide a lot utility and lifting. It can almost fit the category of both luxury and a family vehicle as well. It can take you a lot of places and provide a great ROI. For that to happen, your vehicle has to be dependable and safe.

We can provide the brake parts to keep your brakes working smoothly. Call us today or order online for all your brake accessory parts. We have a professional and knowledgeable staff that can answer all your questions about prices and shipping. We can also match up the right accessories with your Ram 1500.