What Is An Engine Air Filter And Why Is It Important?

If you look near the front of the engine compartment, you'll find a rectangular cold air collector box. Inside the box is an engine air filter. What is an engine air filter, and why is it important?

Read on to find out.

What Does an Engine Air Filter Look Like?

Engine filter

An engine air filter is a rectangular pleated filter. A lot of people confuse the engine air filter with the cabin air filter, but it's not the same thing. The engine air filter is located near the front of the engine compartment while the cabin air filter is usually located under the dashboard.

Why Does Your Engine Have an Air Filter?

An engine requires adequate airflow to operate optimally. However, there's a lot of dirt, debris, and bugs in the air that will make it into the engine without an air filter. If these particles enter the engine, they can damage a lot of internal components and shorten the engine's lifespan. The engine air filter is designed to trap these particles and only allow clean air into the engine.

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Engine Air Filter?

A good rule of thumb is to replace your engine air filter every 15,000 miles, but check your owner's manual to get a more accurate number. Keep in mind that you would need to change your engine air filter more frequently if you live in a rural or dusty area. It's common for car owners to change their engine air filter at every other oil change.

Replacing the air filter on a regular basis is actually quite important because it plays a vital role in keeping your engine in good shape. An engine air filter that's too dirty will prevent an adequate amount of air from entering the engine, which may hurt your vehicle's fuel economy. It may also allow some dirt into the engine. That can damage some of the internal engine parts like pistons or cylinders.

Changing the Engine Air Filter

Engine filter location

Changing the engine air filter in your vehicle is actually a very easy DIY task that takes only a few minutes. You can find an engine air filter replacement tutorial that's specific to your Mopar model. Here's a good one for Jeeps.

You don't even have to visit a Mopar dealership to pick up a replacement engine air filter. You can simply order one online. At MOPARPartsOnSale.com, you'll find genuine OEM Mopar parts, including engine air filters, at wholesale prices.

We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the engine air filter in your vehicle.