What You Need To Know About Steering Box Stabilizers

If you’ve ever wondered why Jeeps and RAM trucks have such excellent steering quality, it’s partly because they have steering stabilizers. This guide has information about steering stabilizers and why they’re important.

What’s a Steering Stabilizer?

Steer stabilizer1

Also called a steering damper, a steering stabilizer is basically a hydraulic shock absorber. One end attaches to the front axle, and the other end attaches to the tie rod or drag link. Its main purpose is to reduce the bumps you feel in the steering wheel.

Why is the Steering Stabilizer Important to Your Vehicle?

Without a steering stabilizer, you’ll feel a lot of the bumps and vibrations from the road or trail in your steering wheel. A steering stabilizer keeps your steering comfortable by damping the side-to-side motion of the wheels and absorbing the bumps and vibrations from the road.

If you upgrade to bigger tires, the steering stabilizer is even more important. Bigger tires have more leverage on the steering which makes hitting a rock or bump even more noticeable.

When Should You Replace Your Steering Stabilizer?

Because a steering stabilizer is a hydraulic part, it eventually goes bad. When it does, you’ll experience some of these symptoms:

  • Extra motion in the steering wheel when hitting bumps in the road or rocks on the trail
  • Flighty steering on the highway
  • Clunking noise coming from the front
  • Hydraulic fluid leaking from the stabilizer

It’s always best to replace your steering stabilizer as soon as possible. Luckily, it’s something you can do at home.

How is a Steering Stabilizer Installed?

Steer stabilizer2

There are many model-specific steering stabilizer replacement tutorials online. But all of them are easy to install. Here’s a basic overview of how a steering stabilizer is replaced:

  1. Locate the steering stabilizer.
  2. Unbolt the steering stabilizer on both sides.
  3. Install the new steering stabilizer by bolting it in on both sides.
  4. Make sure to torque the bolts correctly.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the steering box stabilizer that weren’t addressed in this guide.