Genuine OEM Jeep Renegade Parts

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Jeep RenegadeThe Jeep Renegade is subcompact and nimble, which makes it a great little SUV for trail exploration or zipping through traffic. When you need to replace any of the worn parts on it, look for OEM Renegade parts because they are built to last as long as the original parts.

Instrument Cluster – Most of these parts never give you any problem. Should you need to replace the instrument cluster, we can help you replace dash components like the cluster. We also carry trim pieces for your dash.

Front Suspension – Whether you need brakes, front suspension knuckles or new struts, we can help you get your Renegade back on the road. Bad suspension can cause alignment problems and tire wear. We stock suspension parts like these, as well as shocks and hubs.

Starter – Starters and alternators can wear out over time. They get a lot of use and are subject to wear. We have replacement starters, alternators and other electrical parts.

When you need new Jeep Renegade parts, you get more than factory Jeep parts from us. You get our wholesale pricing and an experienced parts staff that can answer any of your questions. Buy now.