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Jeep logoJeep produces a large selection of SUV and off-road vehicles and has a history of supplying Military vehicles. These tough vehicles even branched into the luxury market with the Grand Cherokee. The first Willys were produced in the 1940s and Jeeps remain worldwide bestsellers. Whether you take your Jeep off-road or drive the kids to school in luxury, you want to replace any worn out Jeep parts with genuine OEM parts that will last as long as the original.

Fuel pump – The fuel pump keeps your vehicle running at all times. If the pump goes bad, your engine no longer receives the fuel it needs. We carry replacement pumps, tanks and gas caps.

Oxygen sensor – The oxygen sensor reads the amount of oxygen in the burned fuel and keeps your engine performance in balance. These sensors do wear out and need to be replaced. We have these sensors and more for your Jeep model.

Transmission Filter – The transmission filter needs to be changed occasionally to keep the transmission fluid clean. We have replacement transmission filters, oil filters and air filter.

We help you save money on your new OEM Jeep parts by offering you wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Our experienced parts staff is standing by to answer any of your questions and to offer you free parts lookups, so call us now.