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Chrysler tc maserati partsThe Chrysler TC Maserati is a 2-door convertible that was in production between 1988 and 1990. It was a joint venture between Chrysler and Maserati and the result of an agreement between friends Lee Iacocca and Alejandro de Tomaso. When you replace the parts on your TC, you want parts that are going to last as long as the original parts, so you buy OEM Chrysler parts.

Shocks – The shocks help your vehicle to ride smoothly regardless of the conditions the road may be in. A bad shock may cause you to feel every bump in the road. We have shocks and other suspension parts.

Gaskets and Seals – Gaskets keep your engine parts from leaking, so check any of your gaskets for age. We have replacement gaskets, seals and other parts.

Transmission Filter – The transmission filter needs to be changed occasionally in order to keep the transmission operating properly. We have replacement transmission filters, oil filters and air filters.

We offer free parts lookups, so if you do not know which part you need, call us, and our friendly experienced parts staff will be happy to assist you. Order or call today.