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Chrysler SebringThe Chrysler Sebring is a mid-sized luxury car from Chrysler that replaced the LeBaron coupe in 1995. They added a convertible to the lineup the next year, and the Sebring remained in production until 2010. You take care of your Sebring by always checking for worn out parts. When you find one, you replace it with an OEM Sebring part that is an exact fit replacement part.

Water pump – If you notice the temperature rising in your engine, you may have a problem with the water pump keeping the coolants moving. We have pumps, hoses and radiators.

EGR valve – This valve measures the emissions and keeps the gases measured for the best performance from your engine. Should this valve fail, you'll notice a rough idle and other performance issues. We carry EGR valves, manifolds and oxygen sensors.

Headlights – The headlights help others see you, and they help you see obstacles in the roadway. If they start to dim, buy a new set. We have headlights, turn signals and taillights.

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