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Chrysler prowler partsThe Chrysler Prowler is a retro production car that was introduced in 1997 and out of production in 2002. No matter which year your Prowler is, we carry parts for your 2-door sports car. All of our OEM Chrysler parts are made to meet the factory standards for fit and performance and last as long as the original parts.

Heater – If the heater is blowing cold when you are trying to heat up your car, you might need to replace it if you would like to stay warm in the winter. We have replacement heaters, air conditioners and other HVAC parts.

Water Pump – If you notice your engine temperature rising, you may have a problem with the water pump keeping the coolant moving. We have pumps, hoses and radiators.

Headlights – If you are going to be able to see at night to drive, your headlights must be operative. If you notice dimming lights, replace them. We carry headlights, taillights and turn signals.

When you buy your OEM Chrysler parts from us, you get a no hassle return policy and fast, affordable shipping. Shop now and be on the road again in no time.