Genuine OEM Jeep Wagoneer Accessories is your one-stop shop for accessories for your Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. These newly-redesigned Wagoneers feature a lot of fantastic amenities, but you always need to make it a bit more, yours. From all-weather floor mats to outdoor accessories, live your fullest life in your Wagoneer. 

The redesign Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer come in a “SWB” version, which means short wheelbase (115 inches), and a “LWB” version, which stands for long wheelbase (122.9 inches). The LWB models feature a longer rear window and a rear door that does not cut into the wheel opening, unlike the SWB model.

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We're a family-owned business and we've been in it for nearly 40 years. We love Mopar vehicles and we want you to love yours too. Add some side window air deflectors, a Jeep-logo car kennel for your best friend, side steps and more. 

Jeep Wagoneer & Grand Wagoneer Accessories

ItemWagoneerGrand Wagoneer
All-Weather Floor Mats82216634AA82216633AA
Molded Cargo Tray82216322 - SWB (short wheel base)
82216637AA - LWB (long wheel base)
82216636AA - SWB
82216638AA - LWB
Premium Carpet Floor Mats82216185AB---
Premium Carpet Third Row Mat82216311AB---
Premium Carpet Cargo Mat82216227AB - SWB
82216179AB - LWB
Cargo Liner82216044AA - SWB
82216189AA - LWB
82216329AA - SWB
82216330AA - LWB
Molded Front Splash Guards82216155AB82216155AB
Molded Rear Splash Guards - SWB Models82216159AB82216159AB
Molded Rear Splash Guards - LWB Models82216160AB82216160AB
Door Sill Plates82216323AB---
Side Window Air Deflectors82216047AA82216047AA
82215912 Jeep Logo First Aid Kit for WagoneerJeep Logo First Aid Kit
82213729AC Jeep Collapsible Pet KennelJeep Collapsible Pet Kennel
82208566 Jeep Tote with DividersStowable Jeep Tote with Removable Dividers

ItemAll Models
Bright Pedal Kit82216053AB
Roof Rack Crossbars68442426AC
Jeep First Aid Kit82215912
Jeep Roadside Assistance Kit82215913
Jeep Logo Tote82208566
Jeep MOLLE Bags - Set of 382215429
Jeep Collapsible Pet Kennel82213729AC
Jeep Logo Valve Stem Caps82214622 - Black
82216328AB - Silver
Jeep Logo Tow Hitch Cover82213706
Jeep Plate Frame Gift Set Silver - 82215852
Black - 82215853
Jeep Plate Frame OnlySilver - 82213251AB
Black - 82213252AB