How To Replace An Exterior Door Handle On Your Jeep

A broken exterior door handle on your Jeep TJ doesn't mean a trip to the shop. You can replace it right at home with the right set of tools and this guide.

The Tools You Will Need

Jeep handle door

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With the following tools on hand, you'll be ready to replace your Jeep door handle. Keep in mind that the following set of tools is based on the Jeep Wrangler TJ. It might be a bit different if you have a different Jeep model.

  • T-15 Torx bit
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Trim removal tool
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Long slender flathead screwdriver

Before you can start the replacement process, you still need the most important part: a replacement door handle. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Where to Find a Genuine OEM Replacement Jeep Door Handle

Here's a secret: you can buy a genuine OEM replacement door handle online for much cheaper than what you would pay at a Mopar dealership. It's because dealerships charge a big markup on their OEM replacement parts. Some online shops, like us, offer deep discounts for genuine OEM Mopar parts. Look up your Jeep in our catalog to see all the affordable OEM replacement door handles we have available for you.

Replacing Your Jeep's Door Handle

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NOTE: The following door handle replacement process is based on a Jeep Wrangler.

1. Remove the C-Clip Behind the Window Crank

With one or two flathead screwdrivers, pop out the c-clip behind the window crank. The best way to do this is to push on the open ends of the C-clip at the same time until the clip pops off.

2. Remove the Door Panel

First, remove all the T-15 screws holding the door panel in place. There’s a T-15 screw inside the interior door handle. Leave that one alone, as it’s not necessary to remove it.

With the trim tool, carefully pry the door panel off of the door. Be careful not to break any of the clips around the edges of the panel. If you happen to break any of the clips, you can easily replace them.

3. Remove the 2 Screws on the Inside of the Door

On the inside of the door just above the door panel are two Phillips head screws. Go ahead and remove them. Set the screws aside.

4. Remove the Grab Bar Support Bracket

On the right side of the door is a grab bar support bracket. Go ahead and remove it.

5. Peel Off the Door Liner

There’s a tar-like adhesive binding the liner to the door. The adhesive will stick again when you put the liner back on the door. When you peel off the liner, you can just let it hang off the side. There’s no need to remove the entire thing from the door.

6. Remove the Window Glass

To do this:

  1. Roll the window all the way down.
  2. Pull the window channel out of the door and then lift up the triangular piece attached to the window channel. Let it hang to the side on the outside of the door.
  3. Roll the window up, about ¼ of the way, until you see the bottom of the glass through the holes in the door.
  4. There are two Phillips head screws on the bottom of the glass through the holes. Remove them both.
  5. Carefully pull the window glass up and out of the door. Set it aside somewhere safe where it won’t break.

7. Remove the Door Handle

  1. Remove the cotter pin that retains the latch rod. Use a long slender screwdriver to do this. Once the cotter pin is out, the latch rod slides right off.
  2. There are two latch keepers, one on each side of the latch, inside the door. The keeper is a wedge shaped piece of metal with ratchet teeth on one side. A metal clip mates with the teeth to prevent the keeper from backing out. Take the long screwdriver and then pry back the end of the clip that retains the latch keeper. Push up on the keeper. If it is stuck, use a screwdriver and hammer to tap on the bottom of the keeper.  Remove the other keeper the same way.
  3. Remove the handle.

8. Install the New Handle and Then Reassemble Everything in the Reverse Order of Removal

Be sure to test the operation of the latch before you reinstall the window.

If you have any questions about the replacement process, you’re welcome to contact us!